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This SAIMMAR SPECIAL-ISSUE will update the current North American radiation safety manuals that are used by radiation workers. The term 'handbook' is to be interpreted as such. Each chapter of the manual is brief with practical considerations and focuses on the task at hand. The manuals describe general use and safety for each instrument/technique and provide recommendations for procedures such as precautions, personal and environmental dosimetry, test/verify procedures, equipment usage, etc. They also have special sections on radiation protection for personnel, the general public, and the environment. Radiation Health Physics, Professional Practice, 7 (12) 1. Zhu, Y. and J. J. Brindha. The Application of Fast Pion Neutron Activation Analysis in Dairy Products Quality Control. Journal of Food Safety 16: 3-13. Scielo. Scielo Publishing. May 2019 32. (3) .Published in: Qualis Integração Ambiental. Ilhas Tauras. Tomo II: Coordenação, Liderança e Desenvolvimento (ISBN 978-85-91710-48-0), pp.. ISSN. This is a digital copy of the printed work available from the Library of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and the UFSC Library website. Scielo. Scielo Publishing. May 2019 33. (4) .Published in: Federal University of Santa Catarina. Calendário Universitário – UFSC. Conselho Central de Atores Curriculares do Campus de Goiânia. Pautas para o Ldecontramento Doutorado em Engenharia de Agropecuária – UFSC. Plano de carreira Universitária: 2017-2019. Scielo. Scielo Publishing. May 2019 34. (3) .Published in: UNIRIO Comunicação. Desenvolvimento do Estado de Santa Catarina e Estratégia de Desenvolvimento da Região Metropolitana de Florianópolis. Fase IV. Ponto de Carreira: Doutorado em Engenharia de Agropecuária. UFSC. 2006-2021. In print . doi:10.



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